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BIO-PROTECTION Line: Protective BIO-spray with geranium oil


Care and protection spray for dogs and cats, contains geranium essential oil (Geranium, Pelargonium). Boasts excellent pet-care properties, as well as offers effective protection against fleas and ticks.

The essential oil demonstrates strong antiseptic properties, gives the animal’s hair glossy, vibrant and shiny look. The oil leaves a pleasant scent which also effectively protects the animal against an insect attack (mosquitoes, lice, fleas, ticks). The spray proving perfectly complementary in routine prevention of external parasitic infestation in animals.

The product can be used in animals from 3 months of age, older animals, pregnant and lactating bitches, and those remaining in close contact with children.

Care product for animals. For external use only. To be used on skin, in line with the intended purpose.

Property Value           


Shelf life 3 years

~Preventive effect (effective protection) - immediatelly after application, ~maintaining routine preventive effect - the preparation can be applied as often as necessary, effectiveness depends on weather and environmental conditions. The preparation is removed during washing. After washing the animal, re-application is needed.

Application method

The product should be sprayed evenly over the animal’s coat, starting off from the neck and moving on toward the tail, then onto the belly, and the paws. Make sure to adequately protect the animal’s eyes, nose, and ears. Wash your hands after the application.