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BIO-PROTECTION Line: BIO-collar / Biological collar PESS with essential oils


Care and protection product in the form of a collar for dogs, with natural essential oils: Chinese mint, cedar wood, eucalyptus, lemon.  The collar demonstrates excellent care and protective properties.

Oils contained in the collar have anti-septic, care, and soothing qualities, which make the dog's coat look fresh and shiny and improves the overall condition of the skin. The collar has fresh and pleasant scent, which additionally protects the animal against insect infestations (mosquitoes, lice, fleas, ticks).

The collar can be used as natural protection in animals from the 9th week of life as well as in aged or pregnant ones, and in those having close contact with children.

Collar is resistant to moisture - soaking does not reduce effectiveness.

Property Value
Effectiveness 1-2 months, depending on weather and environmental conditions; preventive effect; washing of an animal does not impede the effect of the product
Shelf life 3 years
Contains natural essential oils (Chinese mint, cedar wood, eucalyptus, lemon)

40 or 60 cm/green fluorescent

Application method

  1. Take the collar out of the bag directly before use.
  2. Remove the collar from the protective sachet.
  3. Keeping the two ends of the collar, tighten it.
  4. Put the collar onto the animal's neck, adjust the length. Tighten to a point where you can comfortably slide two fingers under the collar against your dog’s neck.
  5. Slide the end through the buckle. Cut off any excess length.

Regularly check if the collar is not too tight, particularly in young animals in the period of fast growth.