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16 lutego 2015

Here's our first TV commercial! Enjoy :)

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Combating parasites on the skin and fur of an animal

10 lipca 2014

The most commonly encountered parasites in dogs and cats are flea and ticks, whereas others are much less common.
Due to fundamental differences in the behaviour and resistance of these parasites, the  methods of combating them also vary substantially and therefore need to be addressed separately.

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Biocidal product or a veterinary medicine

06 września 2011

Recently the manufacturing licences for a number of biocides for the control of parasites in animals and for use in sanitary hygiene have been withdrawn. These preparations are biocidal products of recognized quality and high efficacy, available on the market for several years. These are such agents as insecticidal collars, insecticidal shampoos, insecticidal dusting powders, liquid and aerosol insecticides, and “spot-on” type formulations containing active substances like amitraz, bioresmethrin, diazinon and propoxur.

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How to reasonably combat ticks on dogs

12 stycznia 2008

Ticks, due to the fact that they infect with a range of infectious and invasive diseases, hazardous to health and even the lives of animals and people infected with them, are regarded parasites, against which our four-legged friends must be especially protected.

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